Famic Technologies Automation Studio

As a world leader in the development of system design and simulation software for fluid power, electrical and automated applications, Famic Technologies aims at providing companies with high-performance, user-friendly, and complete software solution for the whole product life-cycle, from system design to maintenance and training.

From an educational standpoint, Famic Technologies has been collaborating with educational institutions around the world to provide them with an innovative, easy-to-use, and complete software solution to help instructors train future technicians and engineers.

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  • Training for Engineers and Technicians
    Complete Simulation Software to Train Future Technicians & Engineers.

    Automation Studio™ is a software solution, which offers intuitive design, animation, simulation, and circuit analysis functionalities in a user-friendly environment allowing teachers to expose more content in less time, improves students' understanding of concepts and diagnostic capabilities, and bring an optimal return on investment for your school, college, or university.