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Committed to Quality Education: iConnect's goal is to provide top quality trainers at reasonable prices that fit our customers’ precise needs.

Prior to going out into the field, technicians need to fully understand each heating and cooling systems. iConnectTraining equipment provides HVAC/R students with the knowledge & training for the safe and efficient operation of all types of systems found in our industry. iConnectTraining provides the finest training units to the educational market which are found in high schools, technical colleges, government facilities and other educational settings all over the world.

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iConnect Training provides a line of sophisticated training units that greatly aide in the teaching of Heating, Ventiliation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

The training units represent a wide variety of subjects in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The training units range from demonstrating simple concepts to illustrating advanced troubleshooting and servicing techniques. Their expertise certainly does not end here. They also custom design and build trainers to your exact specifications and needs.

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  • Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer
    This after-market automotive trainer is designed to give students a working understanding of the components they will find on an automotive air conditioning system.

    Two models available: Single Speed Drive Motor (Model TU-103) and the Variable Speed Drive Motor Add-On (Model TU-203).

  • Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment Package
    Contains minimum test equipment necessary for performing experiments and tests with auto air conditioning trainers (TU-103 & TU-203).

    Package contains: Digital Thermometer (Model SDT-40), Flexible PVC Covered Probe (Model D4109), 2 Way Manifold for R22, R134A & R407C (Model 521-CA), 5ft Hose Set & Adapters (3 hoses & 2 adapters - included with manifold Model 521-CA), Isolation Valve (Model 7584), Valve Core Depressor (Model 7025), Halogen Leak Detector Kit (Model HLD-1201), Reversible Ratchet Wrench (Model 127-C) and ACME Adapter Set

  • Basic Refrigeration Trainer (TU-100)
    This training unit (TU-100) demonstrates domestic refrigerator and freezers, self-contained air conditioning units and reverse cycle or heat pump systems.
    Item Number:

    Sight glass tubes at inlet and outlet of evaporator and condenser constructed of explosion proof, tie-bolt design, stainless steel drip pans with drains located under each evaporator and condenser, uses popular, brand name components, color-coded valves, gauges and hand valves to bypass various components and change from cooling to heating (heat pump operation), conditions of refrigerant and oil can be observed under various methods of operation...

  • iConnect HVAC Training Units
    HVAC Trainer for forced air and hydronic heating systems featuring featuring full-sized, completely operational components
    Item Number:

    The forced air and hydronic heating trainer provides demonstration and service practice with forced air and hydronic heating systems, including hot water heating systems. All components are full size, completely operational and are standard brands of equipment.

  • HVAC Training Units
    This commercial refrigeration trainer is an advanced unit used to train students in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
    Item Number:

    Sight glass tubes at inlet and outlet of evaporator and condenser constructed of explosion proof, tie-bolt design, cut-out and by-pass valves, hand valves allow malfunctions to be simulated, many control changes are possible, combination low pressure control and high pressure cut-out, thermostatic control with an adjustable range of –30°F to 100°F, 2 solenoid liquid line valves...

  • Domestic Refrigeration Build-Up Trainer (TU-101)
    The double evaporator simulates a (TU-101) dual evaporator system application that demonstrates basic principles and provides service experience.
    Item Number:

    Companion to the Motors, Controls and Circuit Trainer (Model TU-501). Designed for the student that has a working knowledge of the theory of refrigeration. Using this trainer, students are asked to design a system to match specifications of a particular situation. Instruction kit and experiment manual provide set-up and assembly directions.

  • Electric Heating Control Board Trainer (TU-302)
    This trainer is perfect for students to learn the basics of electric heat control systems.
    Item Number:

    Complete set of operating controls of an electric furnace, wired 3 element furnace circuit, simulated heater elements operation shown by signal lamps, Klixon limit switch, fusible link safety device, thermostat, transformer, fan delay control, board designed for use on a bench or table...

  • HVAC Training Units
    Hands on experience with different types of electric motors in various different types of circuits. Perfect for electric motor theory demonstrations.

    Investigates in detail the fractional horsepower electric motor, examine its theory, construction, proper wiring and maintenance, 5 different types of motors: split phase, capacitor start, universal, shaded pole and hermetic compressors are provided with proper test equipment to determine their operating characteristics, performance, starting circuits and control, and their maintenance and troubleshooting, the center consists of a cabinet with instrumentation backpanel, special motor mounting base and quick coupler shaft adapter allow for instant hookup of auxiliary motors...

  • Basic Residential Electrical Wiring Trainer
    Contains test equipment necessary for performing basic electrical wiring for residential applications.

    Also included is a line cord, quantity of NM-B cable, and a copy of the National Electrical Code Book. The unit includes a plywood storage case with a removable cover on which students are able to construct the wiring circuits.

  • Fundamentals of Refrigeration (TU-420)
    This refrigeration demonstrator (TU-420) uses the 4 main parts of the refrigeration system that demonstrate basic refrigeration principles.
    Item Number:

    This refrigeration demonstrator uses the 4 main parts of the refrigeration system (condenser, compressor, evaporator and control device) that demonstrate basic refrigeration principles. The components then work together to cool a small enclosed refrigerator compartment fully featured with an electronic temperature control device.