For over 35 years, ETG/Marcraft has been producing Electronics, Computer, IT and Mobile Electronics and Green Technology training programs that excel in the classroom environment. We engineer and design the lab hardware, software and courseware materials for use in career and technical education schools around the globe. Tech-Labs is proud to bring Marcraft products to schools, colleges and universities.

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  • Marcraft Cyber Security Essentials
    Cyber Security Concepts and Practices Includes 180 hours of illustrated theory, integrated with step-by-step hands-on labs and equipment.

    In addition to the 180 hour RESI BASIC certification program, students can also specialize and earn endorsements in any of four, 45-hour specialty areas: Enterprise Network Security, Industrial Security Systems, Medical Network Security or Ethical Hacking.

  • The Foundation of Information Technology
    The Foundation of Information Technology

    The latest vendor-neutral A+ and Network+ Certification programs from CompTIA are the crucial first step in developing the knowledge, ability and skills currently demanded by the IT industry. Featuring actual tech support case studies submitted by agents working in the GEEK SQUAD™, supported by countless lab and hands-on activities, the Marcraft IT certification programs are the gold standard for real learning. More than 400,000 students and technicians have relied on Marcraft for IT training and Certification exam preparation.

  • Marcraft Introductory, Advanced and Comprehensive Programs
    The Marcraft Green Technology program provides a multifaceted training solution for green technology careers.

    Most of us involved in the educational field understand that Green Technology is THE NEXT BIG THING! But as with all new fields and technologies - it is very hard to define or predict. The definitions seem to change depending on who you speak with.