Oklahoma State University uses 3D Technology to Create a Mobile Vehicle

Figure 1 Final frame design - control variable throughout process comparison

Oklahoma State University engineering capstone project; using 3D technology to create a mobile vehicle sustainable for competition. The Sooner Powered Vehicle Team (SPV) is a student organization that designs, fabricates, and races a competitive recumbent bicycle. SPV provides the opportunity for young #engineering students to demonstrate sound principles of design through the development of a sustainable and practical transportation alternative.

New Stratasys Education Modules: Ear Bud Holder & Chess Set

3D Printing Education

The new education modules, available only to Stratasys customers, are designed for educators to take students through a full product development life cycle, from concept sketch to CAD design and finally 3D print. Modules are unique and each one focuses on a specific project with various durations from days to weeks. These modules are created with a comprehensive outline with an overall objective, project resources, design criteria and process.