Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Heavy Equipment Simulation, Collision Repair & Automotive TechnologyThe U.S. Dept. of Labor forecasts that the automotive industry is expected to add 237,500 new jobs and have a 30 percent growth rate through 2020

We offer a variety of training products for this career cluster including:

  • Automotive Technology and Diesel Engine programs from LJ Create
  • Certification programs from Marcraft
  • SimSpray virtual reality paint spraying for Collision Repair programs
  • Simlog Heavy Equipment Simulators for training heavy equipment operators
  • OilTec Port Crane Simulators
  • Transas Maritime Simulation & Training
  • Forklift Personal Simulator
    Simlog's Forklift simulator is the only simulator that was truly designed for vocational programs, and that provides the scope, depth and realism of skills training required in a vocational curriculum.
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    Simlog's Forklift Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of a typical factory forklift with rear-wheel steering. Challenging training scenarios reproduce the productivity demands of modern factory, warehouse and distribution center environments. Our intelligent Instructional Design will guide your trainees through a series of 7 skill-building Simulation Modules that emphasize safety in every exercise.

  • VR Sim - SimSpray
    SimSpray is a virtual spray paint training system that offers an innovative sustainable and cost-efficient environment, and allows easy and safe learning of the painter motion skills

    Hundreds of education and workforce institutions, automotive, and manufacturing organizations use SimSpray to develop skilled workers for careers in automotive, industrial painting and HVLP coating

  • Simlog Personal Simulators
    Simlog’s new Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator puts you at the controls of a backhoe loader at work in a typical construction site.
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    Both SAE and ISO joystick patterns are available, and changing the point of view during the simulation is easy with joystick buttons, keyboard function keys and mouse controls.

  • Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer
    This after-market automotive trainer is designed to give students a working understanding of the components they will find on an automotive air conditioning system.

    Two models available: Single Speed Drive Motor (Model TU-103) and the Variable Speed Drive Motor Add-On (Model TU-203).

  • Automotive Air Conditioning Equipment Package
    Contains minimum test equipment necessary for performing experiments and tests with auto air conditioning trainers (TU-103 & TU-203).

    Package contains: Digital Thermometer (Model SDT-40), Flexible PVC Covered Probe (Model D4109), 2 Way Manifold for R22, R134A & R407C (Model 521-CA), 5ft Hose Set & Adapters (3 hoses & 2 adapters - included with manifold Model 521-CA), Isolation Valve (Model 7584), Valve Core Depressor (Model 7025), Halogen Leak Detector Kit (Model HLD-1201), Reversible Ratchet Wrench (Model 127-C) and ACME Adapter Set

  • SimLog Heavy Equipment Simulators
    It's time to look again at the training simulator idea, but in a brand new, cost-effective way to complement, not replace, real seat-time.
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    Simlog's Bulldozer simulation software can also be configured, in order to simulate the behavior of a wide variety of bulldozers. For example, you can use separate pedals for Decelerator and Brake, or just a single pedal that combines both functions, to reproduce the different pedal arrangements found in real bulldozers.

  • Cost Effective Simulation for Training Heavy Equipment Operators
    While traditional computer-based aids can help you learn about heavy equipment, only 3D simulation technology can help you learn to operate heavy equipment.

    Simlog's Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator puts trainees at the controls of a modern Hydraulic Excavator in interaction with an articulated dump truck. Using life-like dynamic terrain combined with our intelligent instructional design, your trainees are guided through a series of 12 skill building Simulation Modules.

  • SimLog Mobile Crane Personal Simulator
    Even more operator training help, thanks to NEW functionality!
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    Simlog’s Advanced Edition puts you at the controls of a modern rough-terrain mobile crane equipped with telescoping boom and jib, and a variety of hook-blocks with best-in-class simulation graphics and physics, slings that go “slack”, and a boom that deflects. And now there’s wind, with parameters to define the direction, strength, and gusting.

  • HVAC/R and Automotive Training Units
    This training unit demonstrates basic refrigeration and air conditioning principles in a compact size, perfect for in the classroom or mobile training.
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    Training Curriculum, Workbooks, & Certification Coming Soon:

    Curriculum will be organized with sessions for addressing specific competencies and student learning outcomes. The package of training resources will include lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, instructional videos, and lab exercises. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the refrigeration cycle and complete iManifold® certification using the TU-805 Trainer and the included iConnect® System Analyzer kit.

  • SimLog Personal Simulators for OperatorTraining
    Version 2 of Off-Highway Truck is here! Simlog has gained special insights into operator training challenges and instructional design to help you train students better.

    The simulation software puts you at the controls of a modern "rock truck" at work in a typical quarry, in interaction with a simulated Wheel Loader. You can even use the keyboard function keys and mouse controls during the simulation to change the point of view!